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I'm moving! Feb. 27th, 2006 @ 10:24 pm
That's right, it's been a while since I updated this thing, nor do I really care, but just to let those who do read it know, I am moving to Dayton Ohio this upcoming weekend. I took a new job, and the apartment is chosen. I'll be around every other weekend I would have to say, to visit with friends, and family, so I'll come around. :) I'm pretty damn pumped about it. Wish me luck. Peace yo!

Grandma passes away. Jan. 28th, 2006 @ 07:00 pm
Well, 8 days later, my Grandma couldn't hang on any longer. After begining to perk up, she fell ill to a suspected staph infection, and pnumonia. It was more than enough to take her life. I was called at work by my Dad at around 12:30 while on break, telling me that Grandma was taking a turn for the worse. Her body functions had began to slow down and shut down. I knew this was not a time to put anything off, and called work telling them I wouldn't be back today. I picked up my Mom real quick and we went down to East Liverpool Hopsital. When I seen her, I knew that this was it for her. I was devastated. I don't cry much, only when something really bothers me severely. This time I couldn't hold back any tears for the Grandma that did so much for me especially when growing up. I went over to her bed, leaned down to her ear, and whispered to her "Hi Grandma, it's Jonathan. I love you." That was the hardest thing I had done in a long time. I couldn't even walk away, I knelt down to one knee and let the tears fall. I do believe my Grandma heard me tell her I love her though. Funeral plans are in the works. It's gonna be hard. My last Grandparent has been taken by the lord, but as we all know, she is free of sickness and disablities again. I know I'll see her and my other grandparents again someday.

R.I.P. Grandma I love you and miss you and Grandpa.

Grandma again, and more random stuff. Jan. 20th, 2006 @ 07:25 pm
My Grandma has made a very good recovery, and I really believe it was in part thanks to the Good Lord answering my prayer. I don't pray enough, and I certainly don't read his word enough. I will soon make a change on that. :)

In other news, I am now a member of the Salem Community Center as of today. Starting Monday, I begin a new routine to pick up where I am leaving off at home, with a new drive and determination. I feel as if I am being limited with what equipment I have at home. I need a more intense workout to acheive my goals. I'm sure I'll be walking around the gym for about an hr just trying to locate all the machines I will be using before I actually even begin my workout, lol. It should be a great time, and the change of scenery will be great. Now, if I can just keep my eyes from staring at all the babes on the treadmills and bikes....:drool:
I also need to get a CD player, or a iPOD. I think I'll get an iPOD.

ALSO! My sister is coming up from Hilton Head next month, with my nephew Nathan. I can't wait to see her and him again. Should be some good times there too. :) Well that is all, I am off to relax for 3 days, and then hit it again at the Gym. Wish me luck, who knows, next time you see me in person, I might just be one sexy beast x's 400.

Live Long And Prosper.
Current Music: Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Blue On Black.

Grandma, and other randomness. Jan. 14th, 2006 @ 12:00 am
Well, unfortunately my Grandma has landed back in the hospital. Mainly it was for a large boil on her leg, which has turned out to be cellulitas. Last night was kinda scary since her b.p. got pretty high and she was breaking out in a cold sweat. I guess she is doing pretty well now. I havent visited yet, but might. She is currently not in the right state of mind. Say a prayer for her to get well and come back home.

In other news, a pretty cool thing happened to me a couple days ago. My favorite WWE wrestler, Matt Hardy V.1, responded to me in a question I asked him. I asked him about his workout and supplements. He took the time to respond, and really help me out. He is known for having close interaction with his fans, and that's just awesome. For him to answer these questions for me is just phenomanal. That's all for today.


Here is the man, Matt Hardy.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Finally an update! BIG DEAL!!!1!!!11!11 Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 08:41 pm
Uh, ok fuck grammar skills cuase im just tired of hitting the caps button and stuff. ok so yeah, its been a while since i wrote in this thing. not much has been happening, however i could do some hardcore bitching, but i aint gonna, cuase its all good. i am still hardcore working out and the progress is great. i have just been hanging with friends, and chillin the rest of the time. work is ok for the most part, but heres what i could bitch about if i wanted. (as if i didnt bitch enough to guys at work). too sum it all up, a service writer is quitting the 16th and before i got a chance to tell my boss about it, cause i found out late, a DUMB ass kid is gonna get it from another department. im not too worried though cause the other service writer said he will get the kid outta there and get me in. if i dont get in by some chance see ya stadium and off i go again. im pretty sure ill get the job thought cause my boss already told me its mine if this kid doesnt work out. (which everyone knows he wont, cause noone wants him as our writer.) when i start as a service writer, ill be making good money and i can then proceed on to new years resoloution number 2. move outta here! w00t! i figure by late feb. i should be in. thats really about all i feel like writing about, so peace out my peeps.
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» (No Subject)
OK so its 412 am so its time for the first updat of the year!!! I went to a party of course tonight, got drunk, played poker, made several failed attempts to get soem girls to flash or play strip poker, but it was all good. Im tired as fuck, happy new year everyone!!

My new years resoloutions-

1-Get better position at work, hence make better money.
2-Move out. Resoloution 1 MUST be completed in order to acheive this task.
3-Workout till I weigh 220-225 lbs then cut, and have the perfect look that says, fuck with me and I'll break your kneck in one punch. Why? Because I can. Thank you and have a happy kinda day!

ACHIEVE your new years goals! Nothing is too outrageous.
Here's a good collage of current pics. Weight-187.

Did you get your tickets? TICKETS TO THE GUN SHOW! lol Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us (Why do i look so pissed?)

BOOYAH BABY! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

GUNS! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
» Christmas Eve and stuff.
I'm bored as hell right now waiting on my Dad so we can head off down to E.L. and meet up with his side of the family. Should be cool since my Dad's side of the family is all level headed and know how to have fun, unlike my Mom's side. Last night was pretty fun, Bob had a party at his house, and Casey, Sarah, Corey, Christian, Katie, and Bob's brother Jonathan were all there. As well as Bob's cool parents. We all got hammered. I got drunk quick thanks to me letting Bob actually pour my drink. He gave me a glass with Tequailla Rose in it equivilent to 5 shots, lol. Then I had a few bears and I was done. We basically chilled out B.S.'ing about anything and everything, and also picking on Bob's brother by betting him he couldn't drink suh and such just to make him more drunk. lol. He was so fucking drunk his mom nearly kicked his ass and sent him to bed. He came back downstairs a couple times in just boxers. Not a very good sight, but funny as hell none the less. I got a good bit of money and the usual clothes for Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted. Peace for now!
» (No Subject)
Update pic, my chest as of NOW.


Plenty of bulking left to go.

UPDATE! Front Double Bicep Pose, please ladies, keep your panties on.

» Christmas, and some humor.
"WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED TO WRITE SHIT IN SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO READ?!" LOL. HELL, I HARDLY UPDATE THIS ANYWAY. I mean come on, what is this? Star Trek? Am I suddenly a captain of a pirate ship? "Arrr matey, we gots a new log to file! We's came upon some land down here! We shall call it "The bahamas!", Arrr!!." Riiiight. How bout this one? "Jonathan's log, Star Date, WHO REALLY GIVES A FLYING BUZZARD FUCK. I just ate some Tuna fish and it was the mmmmmmmmm." Here we go. These are my personal favorites. I call this, "Totally Rad Internet Teenager Talk", or TRITT, for short. Generally it goes something like this. To properly set the enviornment, I'll make up a fake conversation.

SeXAyGuRl1- Leik, OH MY GAWD! Jenny just TOtalLY FUKKED my Ex BoyFriend!!!111! She is liek SUCH a bizatch! I am TOTLlY gonna KICK her aSS!

PimpBitchMcNasty- WOA! That is soooooooo mean of her!!1!@ Gurl yous need to go beat her ASS prontO! I kant belive she wuld do that! What a phucking WHorE!

Wow. I have nothing more to say. LOL. I'm out.

On a serious note, I want to wish everyone who reads this a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year, Hannuka, whichever you may celebrate. Don't lose sight of what we really celebrate Christmas for. Happy Birthday Jesus. You rock.

Keep it real.
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