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Christmas Eve and stuff. - Pneumatic Lord's Journal

About Christmas Eve and stuff.

Previous Entry Christmas Eve and stuff. Dec. 25th, 2005 @ 01:48 pm Next Entry
I'm bored as hell right now waiting on my Dad so we can head off down to E.L. and meet up with his side of the family. Should be cool since my Dad's side of the family is all level headed and know how to have fun, unlike my Mom's side. Last night was pretty fun, Bob had a party at his house, and Casey, Sarah, Corey, Christian, Katie, and Bob's brother Jonathan were all there. As well as Bob's cool parents. We all got hammered. I got drunk quick thanks to me letting Bob actually pour my drink. He gave me a glass with Tequailla Rose in it equivilent to 5 shots, lol. Then I had a few bears and I was done. We basically chilled out B.S.'ing about anything and everything, and also picking on Bob's brother by betting him he couldn't drink suh and such just to make him more drunk. lol. He was so fucking drunk his mom nearly kicked his ass and sent him to bed. He came back downstairs a couple times in just boxers. Not a very good sight, but funny as hell none the less. I got a good bit of money and the usual clothes for Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted. Peace for now!
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