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Previous Entry Finally an update! BIG DEAL!!!1!!!11!11 Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 08:41 pm Next Entry
Uh, ok fuck grammar skills cuase im just tired of hitting the caps button and stuff. ok so yeah, its been a while since i wrote in this thing. not much has been happening, however i could do some hardcore bitching, but i aint gonna, cuase its all good. i am still hardcore working out and the progress is great. i have just been hanging with friends, and chillin the rest of the time. work is ok for the most part, but heres what i could bitch about if i wanted. (as if i didnt bitch enough to guys at work). too sum it all up, a service writer is quitting the 16th and before i got a chance to tell my boss about it, cause i found out late, a DUMB ass kid is gonna get it from another department. im not too worried though cause the other service writer said he will get the kid outta there and get me in. if i dont get in by some chance see ya stadium and off i go again. im pretty sure ill get the job thought cause my boss already told me its mine if this kid doesnt work out. (which everyone knows he wont, cause noone wants him as our writer.) when i start as a service writer, ill be making good money and i can then proceed on to new years resoloution number 2. move outta here! w00t! i figure by late feb. i should be in. thats really about all i feel like writing about, so peace out my peeps.
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