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Grandma again, and more random stuff. - Pneumatic Lord's Journal

About Grandma again, and more random stuff.

Previous Entry Grandma again, and more random stuff. Jan. 20th, 2006 @ 07:25 pm Next Entry
My Grandma has made a very good recovery, and I really believe it was in part thanks to the Good Lord answering my prayer. I don't pray enough, and I certainly don't read his word enough. I will soon make a change on that. :)

In other news, I am now a member of the Salem Community Center as of today. Starting Monday, I begin a new routine to pick up where I am leaving off at home, with a new drive and determination. I feel as if I am being limited with what equipment I have at home. I need a more intense workout to acheive my goals. I'm sure I'll be walking around the gym for about an hr just trying to locate all the machines I will be using before I actually even begin my workout, lol. It should be a great time, and the change of scenery will be great. Now, if I can just keep my eyes from staring at all the babes on the treadmills and bikes....:drool:
I also need to get a CD player, or a iPOD. I think I'll get an iPOD.

ALSO! My sister is coming up from Hilton Head next month, with my nephew Nathan. I can't wait to see her and him again. Should be some good times there too. :) Well that is all, I am off to relax for 3 days, and then hit it again at the Gym. Wish me luck, who knows, next time you see me in person, I might just be one sexy beast x's 400.

Live Long And Prosper.
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