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Grandma passes away. - Pneumatic Lord's Journal

About Grandma passes away.

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Well, 8 days later, my Grandma couldn't hang on any longer. After begining to perk up, she fell ill to a suspected staph infection, and pnumonia. It was more than enough to take her life. I was called at work by my Dad at around 12:30 while on break, telling me that Grandma was taking a turn for the worse. Her body functions had began to slow down and shut down. I knew this was not a time to put anything off, and called work telling them I wouldn't be back today. I picked up my Mom real quick and we went down to East Liverpool Hopsital. When I seen her, I knew that this was it for her. I was devastated. I don't cry much, only when something really bothers me severely. This time I couldn't hold back any tears for the Grandma that did so much for me especially when growing up. I went over to her bed, leaned down to her ear, and whispered to her "Hi Grandma, it's Jonathan. I love you." That was the hardest thing I had done in a long time. I couldn't even walk away, I knelt down to one knee and let the tears fall. I do believe my Grandma heard me tell her I love her though. Funeral plans are in the works. It's gonna be hard. My last Grandparent has been taken by the lord, but as we all know, she is free of sickness and disablities again. I know I'll see her and my other grandparents again someday.

R.I.P. Grandma I love you and miss you and Grandpa.
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