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Multiple shit. Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 03:19 pm
BAH! How's my peeps doing? I'll slap an update in since i got nothing else going on till later tonight. Hot times with friends planned. Anyway, to start shit off, I saw King Kong Wednesday with Bob and Corey. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. IT KICKED ASS! It's 3hrs and some change long but well worth it. It's by the same producer of Harry Potter I guess, but at least this was good unlike fag boy Potter. I am still working out like a man possessed and have made noticeable improvements. I'll post a pic. I need to start Christmas shopping. Maybe I'll do that when I go up to B-Man later to hang with friends. Or maybe not. One of the two. I talked my Dad into finally starting a workout routine, and to my surprise he has held up his end of the bargain lately. Im very impressed. I also got him started on the most important thing, and that is diet. My goal is to have him down 15lbs in one month. I know he can do it. I felt like i needed to get him on this before it was too late and he's in his late 50's. I aint letting up on him. I will NOT let him fail. Nothing else much going down that I can think of right now. Work is dead as all hell. Haven't done much down there the past 2 weeks. Oh well. Later, and enjoy the sexy gun shot;)

(This aint nothing yet, wait till I get my arms to 17inches.

Song of the day. Dec. 13th, 2005 @ 07:31 pm
I been unburying some older country songs from a few years back that never made number 1 spot on Billboard, or Radio and records. Here's one I can't understand why it didn't quite make it all the way.

This one comes from the band "Shedaisy" The song is "Mine all mine."

Shedaisy has always put out good stuff. Surprised more of their songs don't make it to number 1.

That is all my people. Lata!
Current Music: Shedaisy- Mine all mine.

BDAY PARTY!! Dec. 11th, 2005 @ 05:20 pm
Last night had to be the craziest night I have had in quit sometime. First I woke up, and just chilled out till around 4 p.m. Bob soon came over and we headed off to drink, and go to bars. We played pool, listend to my friends band "dangerous Goods" down at the Eagles Club. They played FANTASTIC last night. Lots of upbeat songs. I had some girl in like her 30's all after me strangley enough, so I at least flirted with her some and gave her a hug, lol. Good times. Bobs parents were down there, which I have also known as long as I have Bob, and they are a cool couple. We go to NASCAR races together on occassion, and I see them alot. So, Bob's Mom, Cindy decided to treat me to some drinks. She got me to try a "Tequilla Rose" and damn, it was actually GOOD. So after the first one, she talked me into getting one on the rocks. Of course I obliged. By this time I had already drank at least 6 NASTY fucking beers, but hey, it's my Birthday, so I was gonna have some carefree time. The 30 year old lady which I can't remember her name, also bought me a birthday drink. I think that was just a shot of Crown Royal. After we were done with the Eagles, it was already 1 A.M. and we were gonna go over to the Heritage with Bob's parents for a bit, but said fuck it. We came back to my shit hole house, and we finished off a 12 pack. God dang. That was my drinking for now till Christmas Eve, since I got invited to go to another party. Jesus. I was fucking hammered last night. I guess I am going to Bristol in August for the Nascar race with Bob, and the parents. We will have good times as we always do at the races. THAT WILL KICK ASS! Nascar fans know what I'm talkin bout. Bristol pwn3s! Fuck yeah. Ok, time to eat, drink lots of water and work out. Back to the usual routine........FOR NOW. Muhhahaha.


HOLY SHIT you all gotta listen to the song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" By Trace Adkins, BEST FUCKING COUNTRY SONG IN A LONG TIME. LMAO!@
Current Music: Trace Adkins- Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

Dec. 9th, 2005 @ 12:33 pm
Happy Birthday to me tomarrow. I'm 24.

Came home early today, jack shit going down at the shop. I think I'll take this time to contact Buick Youngstown and see if they need any Mechanics. Live long and prosper.

Some of this some of that. Dec. 6th, 2005 @ 11:06 pm
Now, I am pretty well aware that not many people read this thing, and that's no big deal to me. If I really wanted I could spend countless hours on Livejournal, and other related sites like My space getting people to become "friends" with. So, if random people read this that's fine. I got plenty of friends in the real world to hang out with, so go fuck yourself.

Ah, I feel much better now. :) So then, I am sitting here at 11:10 pm on my laptop in bed, in just my underwear. Those will come off soon since one of my many Jonathan Facts is, "Jonathan sleeps in the nude". I been all over the internet searching for auto technician openings everywhere from Youngstown to Hilton Head Island, and didn't find much of anything too hot. I'm just growing more impatient everyday waiting in line for a flate rate tech position. I got plenty of time though, since 2006 is my "breakout year". End of story. Let's have a look at my "Life's Master Plan", if you will.
1: Land Flate Rate Tech position in ANY dealership I find it in.
2: Escape from Parents house, and Rent an apartment.
3: Start Dating in between. Gotta have some pussy along the way.
2007-Early 2008-
1: Find a home wherever I have been happily working. I figure within the next two years my credit will be rebuilt enough to easily get a loan for a house.
2008-Mellow out the rest of the year. Focus on dating and finding a good girl to be with.
2010- Get married, start a family.
Basically I'm just gonna enjoy life with my family and have nothing but the best for them. By this time my 1 or 2 kids will be heading off for college.
2050-I'll be 72 or 73 by this time, depending on what month it is. I figure this is about the age retirement will be at when I'm ready to retire. If I am infact still alive even, then I'll just retire and live out the rest of my natural life with my wife.

Well, looky there, I'm not too complicated now am I? Sorry to dissapoint. Of course there are some things in there I didn't mention, like becoming famous, or rich, because while I do have a feeling I will become one of the two, I just don't know when this will happen. It's gonna be a spur of the moment thing for me. One day it's just gonna hit me. Hypothetically, that's what my "Life Master Plan" looks like by default.

Bed time bitches.

P.S., AOL Triton sucks DICK, BUT!, AOL is good for one thing. Free XM radio! Fuck yeah, I'm digging the country stations especially the 90's country one. BY FAR the best decade for country music.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: AOL XM Radio-90's Country Hits. Billy Dean, It's what I Do
Other entries
» Yes, I'm still alive.
Figured I'd slap in a quick entry while I wait a few minutes for the Nitro Tech to kick in my muscles before working out. (Nitro Tech is NOT a steriod, so relax, it's just a protien drink with a n0x booster.) Working out is going FANTASTIC, In fact, it's going so good, I plan on putting up some pics this weekend of my current results after 4 weeks. Let's just say it's somewhat increadible, and I have already been told by two people who didn't know I was working out, that I look like I have been hitting the wieghts again. My strength is up probably 25% and still going, I need to wiegh myself, but I am POSITIVE I am at LEAST 5 lbs heavier in muscle mass. My clothes are getting tighter, and I don't mean in a fat mans kinda way. Word on that.

Now then, I got some very dissapointing news. I will be 24 in 5 days. Yes, I am a old damn man. Jesus. Oh well, I feel like I'm still a kid. Hell I still vividly remember siging the Toy's 'R' Us song with my sisters. You know it. Yeah, that song. I have no big plans as of yet, but I'm sure my buddies and I will hang out, and I'm sure I'll get drunk for the first time since Jaliscos 4 months ago. Shit, I was out with Bob and Zack this past Saturday and all I could drink was 2 beers. (Yes, it really was just 2 beers.) Bob did a shot, and I still cringed and had to pass since my body still naturally gags at the sight of shots. Nasty ass shit. Anyway, Bob and his fiance Laura moved into a damn nice set of apartments in Boardman. They are called the Boulevard Club. No Ghetto, just striaght up nice, and the best part is, only like 50 bucks more a month then the shit hole ghetto trash he was in at YSU. They are so nice, in fact, I am highly considering moving up there with him in '06. Not actually with him, just up there in them apartments as well. It's got a in ground pool, tennis courts, weight room, and ALL UTILITIES PAID. Water, sewage, garbage, electricity, and gas. It's too good of an offer to refuse. I helped him move up there this past weekend, so I seen it first hand, I'm not just going by hearsay. Not really much else going on, I'm still staying single and loving it. Sorry ladies. You'll have to wait to get your hands on this Sexy Beast.

Country fans, remember this shit?

Tim McGraw, All I want:

I just want to get a little more out of my payday
Finally own a car that doesn't break down on the freeway
A little vacation..... ain't askin' very much

I hate comin' home to this old broken down apartment
I wish i had a dime for every whole that's in the carpet
No i don't want it all... but i ain't got enough

All i want is a life
To drink from a glass from a well that ain't dry
I'm sick of the crumbs i want a peice of that pie
All i want is a life.

I don't mind the hours and the pain that comes from workin'
But it's enough to kill me when i see my baby hurtin'
Wanna give her that diomond.... i never got to buy

She keeps tellin' me that everything is gettin' better
But one step up the rung and someone knocks me off the ladder
Just wanna break even someday before i die

Repeat chorus

LOL I heard this song a few days ago and it was like a blast from the past. I hadn't heard it in I don't know how long, but once it started, I just started YELLING along on my way to Wal Mart. Going through the parking lot, there was people all staring at me as I had this shit thumping in my truck, and my siging along like I was on the stage of American Idol. That is one of Tim McGraw's best songs, period.

Work out time my fizzles. Don't eat a fo shizzle, or you might have a bidizzle on my nizzle. Yo Gizzle?
» new laptop
Well, I got me a nice laptop now, but will mainly be used for work purposes so I can easily access GM Dealerworld for service manuals and information. Seeing as how everyone else usues a laptop all day at work, why not me? ;) It took a while to get done, but it's up and ready to go. Plus, in my free time, I have means of entertainment. w00t!

That's all bitches.
» T-Giving and other shit.
Happy Thanks fucking giving everyone. Oh well, at least there is no work tomarrow. I'm gonna sit back and do absoloutely NOTHING all day. I already got my day planned out. Peep this:

1- Wake up whenever I feel like it, probably whack off, then eat breakfast.
2- Play BF2 for a few hrs.
3- Eat Turkey.
4- Sit around and watch football
5- Lay down again, or jerk off. Maybe both.
6- Shower and go to bed.

This weekend is shaping up to be much better at least. Gonna go hang with the boys again.

On another note, my workout routine and habits have already began showing. I have gained 3 lbs, and already increased my strength in just a week and a half. Muscle memory rules. It should'nt take too long for me to hit 220 again and pump up 310 lb bench press 20 times straight. Oh yeah, I can feel it. Peace out my nigs.
» (No Subject)
I got one major weakness. I got a big heart. I hate treating people in any other manner than what I would want to be treated in. There's only about 2 people in my life I ever really got super pissed at and was a dick to. My Mom is one person, and trust me, I would give anything to change our relationship. I'm sorry to her, and I'm sorry to the other person. I've always wanted people to think of me as a person they can come to in their hardest time. Many people have. I'm a sincere person. I really do care. No matter what, a person can come to me. The one thing that will make me turn into the total opposite, is if I'm treated like dog shit behind my back. If you have something to say to me, or a negative feeling towards me, tell me face to face. That's how I roll. However, once again, I can forgive. I have alot of unanswered questions that are gonna bug me for a while. All of them begin with the word "why?". I may never have these questions answered, but then again I probably don't need them answered. I'm certain I know the answer already. I was just being dumb by trying to block it out for so long. It was always right there in front of my face, and I shoulda ran when my heart was telling me to. I won't block out that feeling anymore. Life's a dance, you learn as you go.

To all who might read this, NO MATTER WHO you are, I'm always here. Life's too short to for anger.
» Random shit post!
Random shit post!

1: Damn, Tony Stewart wins Nascar Nextel Cup.
2: Bengals can't quite get the job done against the Colts. Damn again.
3: I ate too much an hr ago.
4: Monday's suck, and tomarrow happens to be Suck Day.
5: Been driving my Truck primarily lately. Damn gas mileage is teh SuX0rz!!!11!!
6: Had a good weekend with my buddies, and made up some lost time with my Dad.
7: Retrieved my property back from a place in Lisbon, and let a person down there know I'm still his friend reguardless.
9: Mmmm Taco Bell.

Workout time bitches.
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